XBMCHUB Movie and TV Internet Streaming How to

Streaming movies and tv is becoming really popular and xbmchub have now made that a lot easier with a wizard they have released that puts lots of channels on with a few clicks. Having 1000’s of films, TV programs as well as free sky sports and many other channels at your fingertips all streaming for free.


skysports live

skysports live for free


This steams through the internet straight to your pc etc. I am not 100% sure what part of any of this is legal and what part is so cant be held responsible.


This is how you do it im going to do this in steps.


Step 1

First you will need XBMC the program so go here and pick which version you need XBMC DOWNLOAD versions are for Windows, Linux, OSX – OSX x86-64 , Android (ARM), Raspberry Pi, iOS, ATV – ATV 2, XBMCbuntu and you can also use OPENELEC.

Step 2

Once installed and opened you will need to navigate using the arrow keys to Settings>then the submenu File manager.

Step 3

Click add source in the file manager then another window will pop up saying <None> click this to bring up a box with a keboard layout in this is where you want to put in this url http://fusion.xbmchub.com then press done or return to enter it. You need to give it a name at the bottom, somthing you will recognize like fusion then press ok.

Steps 4

Now escape out back to the main screen and find System then submenu Settings enter this menu and find add-ons.

Step 5

Now in the addons menu click install from zip find the name you typed for your http://fusion.xbmchub.com link whatever you called it I suggested fusion.

Step 6

Once in there select hub-wizard>plugin.video.hubwizard-1.1.0.zip or latest version you see there this should install it.

Step 7

Escape back to main menu find and select Programs menu once in there select XBMCHUB.com Wizard then then platform your using for example Windows once finished escape backout.

Step 8

That is pretty much it you can find the different Movies, TV shows and channels unders the different titles Videos add-ons, Music add-ons and Programs add-ons explore and see what you can find or just customize xbmc to the way you want with your favourites.


If you have any trouble with this please comment so I can change the tutorial and make it easier.

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