Visit to Corriefodly Rowans Hot tub Lodge.

Picking a holiday is not easy normally we book an abroad holiday for around £3000+ most of the time. This time we decided to try something a bit cheaper as money was a little tight this year.

Looking around we decided to try a hot tub lodge for the kids of course… plenty of choice all over the country as there are lots of places around with a hot tub lodge some a bit more pricey than we wanted to spend! Then we came to a one in Corriefodly woodland leisure, price was very responsible as lodges can go for a lot more than £700 for the week especially in peak season.

This is the only lodge they hire on the camp and its an extremely small camp with very little on it maybe this why the price is so low.

We picked it because it had a good location to different parts of Scotland making it ideal for what we wanted which was to travel and do some nature walks.

It had a small pub only open on certain days and times, great for dog walkers with a small trail to walk on near the river and a woodland walk with a small park for younger kids.

We have two children and wanted to experience nature rather than spending money at Havens.

Here is some photos of the lodge we stayed in underneath.

We enjoyed our stay here although a few annoying things like wasps, flys and midges! My girlfriend hates them they seemed to be on the attack most of the day and only stopped during the night or when it rained also there is a farmers building to the right and side of the lodge and a few funny smells now and again not really sure if that was from this or the river itself.

All in all for the price it was perfect for a family of four in peak season, waking up to the birds, squirrels, rabbits and pheasant roaming around.

Waking up to this was beautiful

If your interested in coming to here or another camp near then this is a list I made up of stuff to do some paid others free.

Reekie Linn Waterfall 24 mins free

Aviemore 1 hour 46 mins free

The Hermitage 39 mins free

Falls Of Falloch 2 hours free

Falls Of Dochart, Killin 1 hour 36 mins free

Glenmore Forest Park 1 hour 49 mins free ROUTES

Tay Forest Park 1 hour free ROUTES

Peterpan park 36 mins free

Cargills Leap 10 mins free

Craigtoun Country Park 1 hour 15 min

Falls of Acharn 1 hour 14 mins free

Landmark Forest Adventure Park £81.30 1 hour 48 mins 

Explorers Garden 38 mins £9.00

Active Kids Adventure Park 32 mins £26

Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre 1 hour 23 mins £33 mins

Blair Drummond Safari Park 1 hour 19 mins £60 

RZSS Highland Wildlife Park 1 hour 40 mins 

Scottish Deer Centre 1 hour 7 mins 

Camperdown Wildlife centre 41 mins £21

The Knockie free 10 mins

The Falls of Bruar, near Blair Atholl free 55 mins


Tour of the lodge my children wanted to do.
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