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Harry11223344 will try and keep this updated as new information/mods get released but please keep in mind he has a life as well. Smile

Mod index – Tropico 5 

Using mods may void eligibility for customer support from the game publisher.Useful links:
Get Tropico modding tools.
Tutorial: Decompiling Lua files for dummies.
Tropico 5 modding discussion + examples.
Tropico 5 constants (Pastebin).

Mod installation:
Installing [Lua] mods
1) Locate your Tropico 5 installation folder.
2) In your Tropico 5 installation folder create a new folder called “CommonLua”
3) Place the modified .lua files inside the “..\Tropico 5\CommonLua\” folder.

Installing [Building] mods
1) Locate your Tropico 5 installation folder.
2) In your Tropico 5 installation folder create a new folder called “Data”
3) In the “..\Tropico 5\Data” folder create a new folder called “BuildingTemplate”
4) Place the modified .lua files inside the “..\Tropico 5\Data\BuildingTemplate\” folder.

Installing [Music] mods
1) Locate your Tropico 5 installation folder.
2) In your Tropico 5 installation folder create a new folder called “Music”
3) Place the .opus music files inside the “..\Tropico 5\Music\” folder.

Mod/utility releases (36)

Bigger Boats [Lua] by DarthPresidente
Increases the carrying capacity of ships.

Btweak utility [Lua] by DarthPresidente
Template for adjusting various stats from buildings. Building Tweak can be configured to apply changes to a save game!

Camera zoom [Lua] by MadameButterfly
Adjust the camera settings. The AIO archive increases the zoom in/out.

CapCrusher [Lua] by DarthPresidente
Changes the game’s Population and Tourist Family caps.

Double housing space [Lua] by DarthPresidente
Doubles the housing capacity for all residences.

El Palazzo [Lua] by Wowiwankenobi
This Mod will allow you to upgrade the palace twice. 100 Tropicans will be allowed to visit the holy halls of el presidente. Well they have to pay for it of course! $$$. The beauty will be increased greatly, but because it is increased by the 74 (and a half) El Presidente’s courtesans, the crime increases too.

Fast Food Joint [Building] by PizzaVideos555
This mod adds a new building: the Fast Food Joint! It can be found in the entertainment tab in the build menu (where the normal restaurant is).

HandyAlmanac [Lua] by HandyAndy
HandyAlmanac prevents Almanac from pausing the game and interacting with units.

House of Pleasure [Lua] by Wowiwankenobi
Please disable the No-Shack Mod in your CommonLua folder, if you have any other mods which reduces the required wealth of houses, please disable them too, otherwise this mod may not work! What will this Mod do? Well basically it is a strong modified No-Shack mod which allows you to chose ingame WHICH building exactly you want to “degrade” to a social flat. Why this mod is called “House of Pleasure”?? I added an other upgrade which will allow 10 tropicans to get some special entertainment in apartments and modern apartments – you may choose which one.

Immigrant flood [Lua] by Wowiwankenobi
10.000 immigrants will immigrate to your island. Please be advised, that this mod (if not edited) causes several ingame problems!!!

Job Training [Lua] by DarthPresidente
Adds a toggle upgrade to Schools and Colleges that allows unemployed to get educated even if there are no open jobs that require it.

LogBurner [Lua] by Wowiwankenobi
You will be able to upgrade your Logging Camp to produce Coal instead logs and with another upgrade it will produce more coal, but more pollution too. Unfortunately it did not worked that the second upgrade will be only enabled if the first upgrade has been activated, but i hope its ok.

LoggingTweak [Lua] by MadameButterfly
Speeds up tree growth and regrowth time.

MegaMines [Lua] by DarthPresidente
Change the resource amount for mines. The AIO archive increases the amount of resources available from gold mines, coal mines, bauxite mines, iron mines, oil mines and uranium mines to 2billion.

MegaPower [Lua] by DarthPresidente
Increases output of Power Plants. Comes in 2x, 3x, and 4x sizes!

Mod Config File and Index by DarthPresidente
This file has all the configuration options for DarthPresidente’s mods conveniently located in one file. It has been separated from the Mod Loader.

Mod Loader Utility [Lua] by DarthPresidente
This mod makes switching from a modded game to an unmodded game for multiplayer easier provided you follow the instructions

Multiplayer game speed [Lua] by Phaedris
Change the gamespeed in multiplayer games (need to be host).

No shacks [Lua] by Wowiwankenobi
This mod will avoid shacks on your beautiful island.

On Duty Workers [Lua] by Zhentar
A simple mod that adds the number of workers currently on duty in buildings to the building info panel (for buildings that have such a thing, like teamsters, construction office, wharf, etc.).

PalaceStorm [Lua] by Wowiwankenobi
This very simple mod allows you to place several palaces on your island and you will be able to destroy the old ones also. Basically This mod is for resetting the buildings you have from startup. you may build the palace whereever you want to and build your city around it, so its not near the coast anymore. It may be found in the “military” section.

Play your own music [Music] by Geforcer
Always wanted to play your own music inside Tropico 5? This mod will show you how.

Population cap [Lua] by KurtisB
Increases the population capacity.

Research anything v2 [Lua] by copperzinc
So you just traveled back in time, and luckily for you Pentimo had brought all the research notes in his tablet! With all the future scientific knowledge, we shall be invincible!
Want to build a carrier, nuke silo in colonial era? Want to fight pirates and royal army with tanks, jets, and machine guns? Now you can!!!
Works for campaign as well. The side effect is that it will auto-research everything if you start with era > colonial.

Resource Manager [Lua] by DarthPresidente
This mod does two primary things: 1) Turns the teamster office to a warehouse. 2) Resource Import / Export options In each dock.

RoadCheat [Lua] by DarthPresidente
Allows overlapping roads. Hold the CTRL button down when using the build road tool.

RoadRage [Lua] by DarthPresidente
Speeds up cars. Cars follow closer. Cars don’t slow down for crossroads.

SeaRage [Lua] by DarthPresidente
Speeds up cargo ships.

Shopping Mall [Building] by PizzaVideos555
The Shopping Mall is a large, modern complex that provides food, luxury goods, and entertainment to citizens and tourists in the vicinity. You only have to employ four mall cops, with the stores having to employ workers themselves.

Silent Select [Lua] by DarthPresidente
Buildings will no longer make noise when you select them. Kind of like NoBells for Tropico 4 but for all buildings.

Smart Auto Destroy [Lua] by DarthPresidente
Works on Mines & Logging Camps. When the resource is depleted it will fire the workers, close the worker slots, and set the budget to the lowest level. The building will auto destruct when the last goods are picked up by teamsters.

Tropico “First Constitution” option [Lua] by copperzinc
This mod adds the “tropico first” constitution principle as an immigration option. This option does not override any existing citizenship policy (such as “Guarded Heaven”). Instead, it adds a “forth” option once you researched constitution options.
When this option is enabled, no migrants will be allowed (This means ZERO immigrants AND emigrants.). If you want foreign workers, you have to get them before activating this principle, or after deactivating it.
This policy is currently “neutral”, meaning no foreign factions will like you or hate you for activating the edict. However, activating the edict will add “2” to corruption of your government. This represents the general overhead for enforcing the edict

UberTanks [Lua] by Wowiwankenobi
Makes your tanks move a bit faster so they dont need months to get from one side to the other side of your island, so they get more effective.

UberWorkers [Lua] by Wowiwankenobi
This Mod will speed up your workers insanely! Here are two pictures which shows a construction of an airport. Both buildings has been placed in pause mode at the same time, only one construction office received the upgrade.

Wind Farm [Building] by PizzaVideos555
That’s right guys, Tropico has gone green! The mod includes a wind farm that produces electricity without the use of any resources. Instead, service quality increases depending on height or distance away from shore. The building generates a reasonable sum of electricity, and doesn’t require workers! This may just be the solution to your power outages (which are caused by coal/uranium/natural gas shortages).

Work distance [Lua] by MissNet
Modifies the distance a Tropican is willing to travel to his/her work (default 3x).


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