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Constitutions and their effects


You can change the constitution every 60 months this has positive and negative effects on your subjects.

Colonial Era


Voting rights

Male citizens vote

Effect, Fewer voters based on chauvinist gender discrimination.

Wealthy citizens vote

Effect, Fewer voters based on reactionary wealth discrimination.

All citizens vote

Effect, More voters based on crazy liberal ideals.


Religion and state


Effect, Religious buildings lower crime in their vicinity.

Secular state

Effect, Increased liberty happiness.

Atheist State

Effect, Research is faster by 10%. Less religious citizens in tropico.


Armed forces


Effect, High school soldiers. Additional militia squads raised in battles.


Effect, No education for soldiers.

Professional army

Effect, High school soldiers. High effectiveness.


World Wars Era


Political rights

Totalitarian state

Effect, Elections happen less often. Vote frauds give 300% more votes. 50% more rebels.

Police state

Effect, Every policeman convinces 1 voter to vote for you.


Effect, Mandatory honest elections that happen more often and no uprising.


Labor policy

Work for all

Effect, Child labor and late retirement. Life expectancy and job happiness reduced.

Happy childhood

Effect, Late retirement. Normal life expectancy and job happiness.

Workers Paradise

Effect, Early retirement. High job happiness



Visa program

Effect, More educated immigrants

Immigrants nation

Effect, Open borders – easier to immigrate and emigrate.

Guarded heaven

Effect, Regulated borders – harder to immigrate and emigrate.


Cold War Era


Personal rights

Total state control

Effect, Reduced liberty. Assassination and Banish actions cost less

Security surveillance

Effect, Police discovers special citizens such as Rebels faster

Open society

Effect, High liberty. Assassinate and banish are limited. Special citizens are harder to discover.


Economy structure

Planned economy

Effect, Buildings with managers gain 10 bonus effectiveness


Effect, All swiss bank accounts gains increased by 20%

Free market

Effect, Budget impact on buildings effectiveness is stronger


Media independence

Total propaganda

Effect, Media provides less liberty. Protests happen less frequently.

Subsidized media

Effect, Media requires higher budget. Journalists converts voters for your cause.

Independent media

Effect, Media provides more liberty. Protests happen more frequently.


Modern Times Era


Digital Rights

Total firewall

Effect, Fewer citizens become rebels. Research is slower.

Fight piracy

Effect, Increase the foreign aid gained from the EU and USA by 20%.

Free internet

Effect, Research points generation increase by 15%.




Effect, Increases base prices for raw resources by 20%

Strategic sector

Effect, Raises top export price by 20%

Open borders

Effect, Increases the base price for manufactures goods by 10%



Economy first

Effect, Factory effectiveness +10. Factory pollution +50%

Energy efficiency

Effect, Factory budget -20%

Zero Emissions

Effect, Factory effectiveness -20. Factory pollution -75%. Tourism boost.

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