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This is where you will unlock 42 buildings, skills, edicts and constitutions. The More Educational buildings will create research points to unlock these upgrades faster.

2014-05-24 22_53_15-Tropico 5

The Sickle – Unlocks plantation upgrades

2014-05-24 22_54_28-Tropico 5

Cowboys – Unlocks farm upgrades

2014-05-24 22_55_26-Tropico 5

The Shovel – New building mines

2014-05-24 22_53_46-Tropico 5

The Trigger – New building military fort

2014-05-24 22_54_56-Tropico 5

Foreman – New skills manager skills for production

2014-05-24 22_55_32-Tropico 5

Planks – New building lumber mill

2014-05-24 22_53_57-Tropico 5

Paper – Unlocks Newspaper

2014-05-24 22_55_04-Tropico 5

Red tape – Unlocks edicts census, urban development and building permit

2014-05-24 22_55_37-Tropico 5

Constitution – Increased support for independence. Basic constitutional principles: Voting rights, religion and state armed forces

2014-05-24 22_56_13-Tropico 5

White flag – New building Embassy. New Diplomatic action praise (Unlocks in world wars)

2014-05-24 22_56_18-Tropico 5

Legalese – New constitutional principles political rights, labour policy and citizenship (Unlocks in world wars)

2014-05-24 22_56_24-Tropico 5

Electricity – New buildings power plant (Unlocks in world wars)

2014-05-24 22_56_30-Tropico 5

Table manners – New diplomatic actions Delegation, alliance (Unlocks in world wars)

2014-05-24 22_56_36-Tropico 5

Steel – New building steel mill (Unlocks in world wars)

2014-05-24 22_56_43-Tropico 5

Tanks – New building army base. New unit tank (Unlocks in world wars)

2014-05-24 22_56_48-Tropico 5

Socialism – New edicts social security, literacy program, mortgage subsidies (Unlocks in world wars)

2014-05-24 22_56_55-Tropico 5

The compass – New buildings drydock New effect tropican map is revealed (Unlocks in world wars)

2014-05-24 22_57_02-Tropico 5

Generals – Military skills for military buildings (Unlocks in world wars)

2014-05-24 22_57_39-Tropico 5

Accounting – New building bank (Unlocks in world wars)

2014-05-24 22_57_44-Tropico 5

Bribes – New building custom office (Unlocks in world wars)

2014-05-24 22_57_47-Tropico 5

Shiny – New building Jewelry factory (Unlocks in world wars)

2014-05-24 22_57_51-Tropico 5

Oil – New buildings oil well, oil refinery (Unlocks in cold war)

2014-05-24 22_57_56-Tropico 5

Executives – New skills manager skills for entertainment buildings (Unlocks in cold war)

2014-05-24 22_58_01-Tropico 5

Democracy – New constitution principles personal right, economy structure, media independence (Unlocks in cold war))

2014-05-24 22_58_06-Tropico 5

Flight – New building airport (Unlocks in cold war)

2014-05-24 22_58_11-Tropico 5
Naive foreigners – International summit, tourism campaign, organic campaign (Unlocks in cold war)

2014-05-24 22_58_25-Tropico 5
Sliced bread – New building Supermarket (Unlocks in cold war)

2014-05-24 22_58_34-Tropico 5
Flexible Principles – New effect constitution can be amended more often (Unlocks in cold war)

2014-05-24 22_58_41-Tropico 5

The wheel – New building vehicle factory (Unlocks in cold war)

2014-05-24 23_17_16-Tropico 5
The peaceful atom – New buildings uranium mine, nuclear power plant (Unlocks in cold war)

2014-05-24 22_58_52-Tropico 5
Space – New building space program (Unlocks in cold war)

2014-05-24 23_17_11-Tropico 5

Precision bombing – New building aircraft carrier (Unlocks in cold war)

2014-05-24 22_59_03-Tropico 5

The hostile atom – New building nuclear program (Unlocks in cold war)

2014-05-24 22_59_09-Tropico 5

Hot water – New buildings spa hotel, beach villa (Unlocks in modern times)

2014-05-24 22_59_14-Tropico 5

Inferiority… – New buildings modern apartment, fashion company (Unlocks in modern times)

2014-05-24 22_59_19-Tropico 5
Small print – New constitution principles digital rights, globalization, ecology (Unlocks in modern times)

2014-05-24 22_59_30-Tropico 5

Luxury flight – New building aerodrome (Unlocks in modern times)

2014-05-24 22_59_35-Tropico 5

The internet – New edicts E-government, free Wi-fi, IT education (Unlocks in modern times)

2014-05-24 22_59_39-Tropico 5
Waterworks – New building hydroponic farms (Unlocks in modern times)

2014-05-24 22_59_44-Tropico 5

Swiss future – Allows conversion of research points to swiss bank account (Unlocks in modern times)

2014-05-24 22_59_50-Tropico 5

The future –  Allows conversion of research points to money (Unlocks in modern times)

2014-05-24 22_59_55-Tropico 5

Future materials – Grants one free building (Unlocks in modern times)

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