Streaming Sky & Freeview Locally to Kodi

If you are like me and want to get the must out of your Amazon fire sticks, boxs, media pcs, raspberry pi or what ever device you can run kodi on. Basically I like to stream anything you can to every television in the household.

Hopefully this is what the finished product will look like this when you finish this tutorial.

Picture 2015-10-13 14_00_22

I did use the enigma plugin at first but it played havoc with the box downstairs and took way to much time downloading all of the epgs and information just to stream a bit TV.


This tutorial is based on the fact that you know what kodi is you can download it here and that you know that webif is if your struggling comment and I will help.


So to start with you will need to your open webif page for your box which will be the local ip of your box on the network then enter it into a browser to load the webpage up.


Then download the playlist of your choice personally I went for all the channels why not but you can download the preferred bouquets you would like. Click the little TV icon and download the services.m3u file which is a playlist of your channels. Download it to some where your kodi media player will see it.

Picture 2015-10-13 14_13_15

Now download and install kodi for you operating system you should know how to do this yourself.

Once installed open it up and go through the menus Sytem then TV and select enable you will then get a pop telling you that you will need a pvr addon so ok this and get one

Picture 2015-10-13 14_21_32

Picture 2015-10-13 14_21_54

Picture 2015-10-13 14_23_01


Picture 2015-10-13 14_26_40

Now to select you pvr IPTV simple client
Picture 2015-10-13 14_31_05

Click enable then go to configure

Picture 2015-10-13 14_31_44

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