Started my seeds this month and used x3 parasene 40 cell self watering propagator so for the results are great. I work a 12 hour shift rotating 2 days and 2 nights so watering the small cells and stopping them from drying and dying can be a problem for me. […]

Parasene 40 Cell Self Watering Propagator

Here is a free printout to help kids practice their counting from 0 to 99. If you click the link it will download to your computer for ease of printing or just for viewing.

Kids 0 to 99 counting free printout

I bought this HVLP gun on a whim. I have just moved into my new home and it is surrounded by unvarnished fence so what I did was bought myself some Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care – Autumn Gold from ASDA and a brush and roller set then started painting. This was […]

Terratek 650w Electric Spray Gun HVLP

Campaign – Changing the world Quick links Skills Edicts Research Buildings Constitution Upgrades Mods Skills Choose your skill bonus within the game! These are all good decent bonuses. Environmentalist – Reduces pollution in tropico by 10 Financier – Grants $200 Annual income Forman – Global effectiveness of production buildings increase by […]

Tropico 5 Change the world

So here is how I use windows 7 task scheduler to shutdown a pc step by step.   Go to Start All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Task scheduler or just type it in the search programs and files in the bottom left box of the screenshot.   […]

How to Use Task Scheduler to Shutdown Your PC

Personally I hate this time of year! This where your child comes home with that dreaded letter thats right Easter bonnet parade. I find it becomes more of a competition with parents and can get quite competitive the main goal here is to ignore that and just enjoy making a hat with […]

25 Easter Hat Bonnet Ideas

So you have used many torrent programs and many other programs for downloading files and now you want to use newsgroups? Why did I try newsgroups? Well I was sick of been banned for low ratios until I used Ratiomaster see this post for info on that. So in this post […]

How to Use Newsgroups

So I have decided to start some gardening and go a bit green fingered. I have no experience apart from watching my dad doing it when I was younger and of course the internet. So this has been my shopping list so far and what I have done with them. […]

Beginning My Gardening Experience Starting Out