Nvidia Shield Game Streaming Can Not Connect to pc?

Having trouble connecting your shield to your pc for gaming? Well, this is the problem I was having until I figured it out.

The error I was getting basically was the shield could not see my pc even though they were both turned on and connected to my home network both wired. There was not an issue with the firewall which you should check by turning yours off if you haven’t already in case you have blocked the Nvidia Geforce Experience app.

Also there was an issue where it would not let me turn off my game stream it just kept asking me to restart my computer! Then even after a restart it would still say the same again frustrating stuff…

If this all sound familiar then the solution I found was fairly easy and is as follows.

  • Uninstall the Nvidia Geforce Experience
  • Then go to Nvidia and reinstall your drivers and the Nvidia Geforce Experience once again don’t press express but install with customize and check the box with clean install.
  • Now log in and enable the game stream you should now be able to connect once again to your computer. 

This is what worked for my situation hopefully your!

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