Low force, High force and Bleabeck Force

Low force waterfall.


Some Brave soul kayaking over the falls.


Stunning location to relax and listen to the sound of the water.


Sheep statues.


Quiet and silent pool.


The River Tees.


Power of High force also famous for the filming of 1917 and Britannia also many others in the same area.


CEMEX Quarry.


Bleabeck force not as famous as the other two but I think it is beautiful.


one of many bridges.


Stop for a breath at the top.


Fisherman under the bridge.


Route Start DL12 0XF

This is a beautiful and stunning walk along the river and through lower and upper tees.

The route starts from the car park, which is a donation for the ticket this helps towards maintenance of this lovely place. Toilets and cafe is also along the route not far from the car park.

The walk is around 8 mile but you can turn around at any time it could take around 4-6 hours depending on your fitness and how long you want to stay at each point of the walk.

I find this walk to be a definite must if you are in the area or have never visited this place.

This is a stunning walk and has possibly one of the best waterfalls in the UK but I am biased being from the area.



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Low Force, High Force and Bleabeck Force   


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Minimum elevation: No data
Maximum elevation: No data
Elevation gain: No data
Elevation loss: No data
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A Stunning walk of power and forces


918 Calories burnt


Lots of pictures of this beautiful walk in the slide show

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