Low Burnhall Woods

Car park entrance located at South Rd, Durham DH1 3TX, Parking is free. This walk took us 1 hour 24 mins stopping for 9 mins and is around 2.4 miles.


In total there are 3 paths to follow, we took the river path which has an image of fish on it, all 3 routes are marked with different images.

Someone’s handy work to make sure the animals are watered. Looks like half a bomb.

The river Wear.

Paths are almost overgrown, with this year’s growth.

At the top of these steps is plenty of just grown blackberry’s yum.

Some lovely view of the river Wear from this point.

Wonderful willow sculpture, apparently there is more than this may be the others are along a different route?

Plenty more new trees have been planted for future generations to enjoy.

Another sculpture along this route.

We found some stone art.

Beautiful butterfly’s fluttering around the thistles.

Sweeping views after the small hill climb.

Lots of young trees really good to see.

Homeward bound, will be back to try the other routes.

Animals to watch out for:
Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Little owl, Tawny owl, Common kingfisher, Purple hairstreak, Peacock, Speckled wood, Ringlet, Orange-tip, Wasp beetle

It is a great walk for all, not to difficult and best of all it is free. Found it enjoyable and next time I come I will try another route. Great dog walk also.

The kids did not twist to much this time so that’s a (twist) I mean difficulty rating of 1.

337 Calories burnt


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Great dog walk

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