How to Use Newsgroups

So you have used many torrent programs and many other programs for downloading files and now you want to use newsgroups? Why did I try newsgroups? Well I was sick of been banned for low ratios until I used Ratiomaster see this post for info on that.

So in this post I am going to give a very rough guide on how to use them the easiest way possible.

Things you are going to need are.

Newsreader, I use Newsbin pro $30 will get you the full version but there are free ones out there to use if you want to save money personally its worth the money for me. Here are a few listed to try Newsbin did have a free trial if you want to try it for the purpose of this tutorial thats upto you.

NewsbinNewshosting NewsreaderSABnzbdBinreaderNewsLeecher NewsreaderMimoNewsflash PlusUnisonGetNZBPAN NewsreaderAlt.binzThunderbirdNZBVortexForte Agent NewsreaderXNewsNZBGetKwooty NewsreaderNZBGetGrabitHelloNZBGroundhogUnzbin

News provider, there are so many some are rubbish so choose wisely. I see it this way the more public these providers are the worse they are because files that are seen straight away are taken down by the DMCA extremely fast for example when I first tried this I went for Astraweb big mistake its very public like so many others. Some research and testing into this should be done first, some providers offer free trials.

Choose with free trial if you dont want to dive straight in, recurring subscription or block account of GB depending how much you use. Also a one with SSL for a secure connection. I go for block accounts so I can use when I want but its your personal preference here and of course the speed of your connection and max connections are personal preference as well normally more expensive the faster you want it.

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