How to install Madsonic and Subsonic

So I was looking for a music streaming program and decided on madsonic I did try subsonic before this but madsonic looked to have more features this guide is the same for subsonic if you want to try them both so let’s get started with the set-up.

1  Download the program Madsonic for your windows os



2 Run the program which should install java if you do not have it already.

3 After the install has finished it will run in your tray right-click and go to the control panel which will show if its running and the memory its using in the status tab the settings tab will show which port you want it to run on also memory limits and if you want to enable https. I have left it all on default.

4 Right-click the icon again and select open madsonic in your browser. Login Username is admin password is admin

5 Now change the default password to your liking so select.

6 Select task edit user and select admin then check the change password box to type your new password then save.

7 Now click the home icon to go back to the home page.

8 Now to set up your media in click on to step 2

9 In this section, you need to put in where your music is located mine is on a separate hard disk so have typed it’s in the folder box I have also deselected full media scan as I will do it when I add music myself I do not want it scanning every day 3.00. When you have done this click save and it should start scanning which can take a while depending on library size.

10 While it’s scanning you could set up your personal address which is a trail of 30 days unless you pay for premium features. If you want this go back to the

then go to

in here you can type in your custom HTTP name to connect over the net and also try the automatic port forwarding tool this is only needed if you want to listen to your music over the internet away from home or share your library with someone.

11 Now you can go back to home and click

12 this will get rid of that screen for you and you can always change the option in settings that is the basic setup of madsonic. You now should see some of your music if it is finished scanning happy listening.

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