How to Fake Upload to Private Torrent Sites

Having a poor upload is a problem when going to using private torrent sites,  when your ratio is not high enough sure enough a warning will follow for a poor a ratio, then in most cases a ban! There is a way to get round this just fake your upload using a program. It is fairly easy to use you just need to be careful and have some knowledge of how it works.

I will show you how to fake upload to the site of your choice you can do this by either using:-

NRPG RatioMaster (older version)


Ratiomaster (newer)


Both of these do the same job which boosts your ratio and both of these are not foolproof you can get caught easily with both programs if you don’t know what you’re doing and even sometimes when you do know what you’re doing so if you respect your account then don’t even try it best thing to do is experiment with a site you don’t care too much for.

How to use

I’m going to make this as simple as I can and hope you have no problem following in what I will be showing you. The how-to will be using the program Ratiomaster rather than NRPG which is similar anyway.

  1. Download a torrent of your choice and ratio master link underneath.
  1. Open Ratiomaster and in the program find client simulation its important that your client is the exact build that you’re about to simulate the client utorrent 3.2 build 27708 is the client you will be using so you need to download that utorrent program.

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