How to Fake Upload to Private Torrent Sites

Things to remember

Don’t be silly with upload if you upload 4gb in 10 seconds well you’re asking for trouble

Is there leechers? No leechers mean more likelihood of been caught more the better

Don’t update tracker let the program do it

Make sure you have simulated the client properly

The client builds for ratiomaster can be changed or added but you need either to update this yourself if you have the knowledge or to get all the latest client builds for ratiomaster from another source. Google!!

Don’t get cocky with it you will be caught

Try Newsgroups if you’re sick of torrents all together I have an easy tutorial here.

All done let me know if works or if I have missed something in my tutorial

Now that you have it working or don’t comment and let me know remember sharing is caring if nobody shared well there wouldn’t be anything to share. So don’t abuse a 1:1 is always good especially when you have the ability to do so.

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