How to Fake Upload to Private Torrent Sites

3. So once you have the correct program build of Utorrent and torrent client start running the downloaded torrent in Utorrent.

  1. Open the program Ratiomaster go to browse and find the torrent you will be using the same torrent that you’re running in utorrent.

  2. Now go to advanced then memory reader click the drop down and select uTorrent 3.2 Build 27708 now if you have done everything right pressing start search. This should find your utorrent client .exe and put the stats in automatically now press apply!

  3. What I would do is wait for the download to finish go to general tab set download to 0 and upload to a number not so high so that you don’t stand out also set finished to 100% because you have finished the download to 100%

7.Now that you have done that quit your what should be seeding torrent and client and press start on ratiomaster to start faking upload.

How I use it without getting caught is download what I want to keep Utorrent open and when seeding use the memory reader to get the information from Utorrent you’re about to fake.

Stop all the torrents then remove them from Utorrent but still keep the program open then fake uploading from the torrent you have just finished downloading. I fake multiple torrents by keeping Utorrent open and just opening separate instances of the ratiomaster that have finished using the same port this is why you keep Utorrent open. If your starting to get confused ask me a question I’m fairly active and can help as best I can.

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