Horden, Limekiln Gill Walk

The walk starts at Horden SR8 4AB and is 3.85 miles long it took around 2 hours walking at a slow pace.

I underestimated how difficult this walk has mainly because of the steep climbing but was still a fairly good walk.

Starting here just down from the cliffs is a few parking bays which is free as per usual.

Down into Horden dene and past the blooming chamomile.

The dene is not massive but still full of dene smells for this time of year the dying wild garlic being quite noticeable at this time of year. 

As we come out of the dene and onto the beech we have our first step climb.

On the top, we get some good views of the heritage coastline. Here we can see the strong ties to coal mining. Horden being a pit village it has a lot of things dotted around the place reminding you of this.

The inscription on the Horden butterflies right-wing reads “A WIND THAT CARRIES MEMORIES OF COAL”  and on the left-wing “SANDERLING SEEKING BUTTERFLIES SPREADING” from the speckled wood butterfly, beautiful bit of history.

Beautiful seating area just along from the wings with some more pit history engravings.

As we walk further on we come to some more steps which go round in a curve. My kids skipped the steps and just climbed straight up the bank, as they said it was quicker!

Wild blackberries and strawberries starting to come into season.

Onwards we go down towards the sea and onto the next set of steps…

Here we are by this point my legs are throbbing. My partner and children are twisting that’s my walk testers on how difficult it is. The amount of earache I get from them and I convert that to a number 1 out of 10.

Interesting picture of the sea and almost blood-red water further up. I love this picture just something about the contrast of it.

Little tern sculpture these little birds have a breeding Colney on Crimdon beech seen in my other walk.

Here we loop around and go back the way we came going back down the steps. 

I went through the ferns and followed the lines a little then came back out on the track. It’s up to you which way you go it’s pretty hard to get lost around here.

Then just follow the path back to your car. I went through this group fern trees still brings you out on the main walking path.

For the size of it, I found it difficult but it is a good workout for your lower body.

Some really nice views and sculptures to view and of course whatever wildlife you see on the way.

If I did it again I would probably walk along the beach and then along the top to see the sculptures.

490 Calories burnt


All of my photos I took of the walk in a slideshow.



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Horden, Limekiln Gill   


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Tough walk for the size!

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