Hareshaw Linn

The walk starts at Bellingham, Hexham NE48 2DA small car park also a chargemaster charging station if your car is electric.


I visited here on a Saturday I found it to be quite popular with dog walkers and families.

Food and public toilets in the area also.

That’s a jazzy signpost. 

Maybe it is knitted from these guys?

A BLAST FROM THE PAST! In 1833 Hareshaw Iron Works was established by Messrs Bigge and Partners. All the essential raw materials, iron ore, coal and limestone, were here for mining, together with water from the nearby Hareshaw Burn. Employing up to 500 people, at the peak of its operation the foundry contained 70 coke ovens, 24 large roasting kilns for calcining iron ore, a range of coal stores, a blacksmiths shop, wagon shed, stables and stores. Tramways and wagonways linked several buildings, the mines and the quarries. The pig iron that was created was transported by cart from Bellingham to Hexham, where it was reheated for casting. The Iron Works was in production for ten years until 1848 when it was closed and many of the buildings demolished. Its early demise was probably the result of difficulties transporting the iron to the markets. Today very little remains to remind us of the industrial past.

Part of the ironworks in the area.

As you follow past the ironworks sign you will come to an area where a seat and some picnic benches are. If you go down the steps you will see this smaller waterfall.

It is quite pretty and one of the many great photo opportunities.

There are 6 bridges in total some of these are pictures of the same bridge. My partner absolutely hates bridges and I normally have a job getting her over high open space ones.

These were not to bad for her to walk across.

Here is another good photo opportunity I took a few pictures here of the kids.

Love the stone steps and stone paths along this walk.

Very peaceful place, listening to the of the sound of the water is very calming.

A wishing tree and wishing stump? Is that even a thing? Looks cool though hope them wishes came true.

The rocks along here almost look man-made like a patio under the water.

Down some steps and onto the main waterfall as you go down you go under the cliff overhang into a what feels like a caved area.

The main prize at the end is this beautiful waterfall, had almost a feeling of being closed in on the walk down as you get to it.

A great little walk not taxing at all.

Here is some wildlife to keep an eye out for along your route, roe deer, badger, red squirrel, great spotted woodpecker, salmon and as well as many other plant species.

261 Calories burnt

All of my photos I took of the walk in a slideshow.



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Hareshaw Linn   


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Nice walk with a prize at the end

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