G9 Mouse Freezing and Losing Power or Disconnecting and Reconnecting


So I have had this g9x mouse for sometime now and its been a great mouse but now all of sudden I am having nothing but power losses and connection losses. Ive had it before and the only way I managed to fix it was through formating my whole computer! Really don’t want to do that this time so is anybody else having a problem with this and know a fix? A few things I have done and am going to go through some apparent fixes.

Things to try

  • Uninstall the drivers and reinstall them or even try and get your hands on older drivers.


  • Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > then click change plan settings on your selected plan > Then find USB selective suspend settings and disable it.


  • Try a different USB port.


  • Check the mouse for dust or objects covering laser


  • Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device manager then find Universal serial bus controller and right click USB Root Hub go to power management  make sure its not ticked.


  • Try running without the logitech drivers.


  • Take out all unessential usb leads just leave keyboard and mouse incase of conflicts.


  • Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager There are two HID mice listed  one was Logitech and the other is a compliant mouse disable the compliant mouse.


  • Possible you have a broken mouse one of the wires may have been pulled and connects and disconnects like a headset.


  • New mouse mat


If all else fails try a format this has fixed it for me in the past, if it does not then I would suspect you have a broken mouse. Personally I won’t buy from logitech again. Poor drivers and support with different things I have bought in the past this time I have learned my lesson.


Update 1, After trying some of these fixes I seemed to have got mine working don’t know at which point it started working but it is hope this page helps someone else having this issue!

Update 2, Its starting happening again so have decided to buy a new mouse. I went for the Razer Krait picked it up cheap and will give it a go to see if the fault reoccurs.

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