G19 Mods, Extension, Hacks and Applets


The FalNET G19 Display Manager is a software for the Logitech G19 keyboard. With this software, many useful applications and information can be displayed on the display. On the plugin page you can see all currently available plugins. Click on an entry to get more information about this plugin. The manager also supports multiple languages.
Includes Colour factory plugin, Gkey viewer plugin, ip chicken plugin, Skype plugin, Teamspeak 2 and 3 plugin.


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LCDHost is a compositing plugin manager for secondary output devices. It’s primarily useful for Logitech G19 owners, but it’ll work with Z10, G13 and G15 devices too. It uses a plugin architecture for drivers (for output devices) and plugins (to render different pieces of data), so it can be extended to support pretty much any device or piece of software.


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