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G19 UTorrent is an applet that help you monitor your μTorrent application through your Logitech Gaming device like keyboards, speakers and extended keypads that have a Monochrome (G15, G510, Z10, G13 etc) or a Color LCD Display (G19).
By using the extra buttons on these devices you can pause, unpause, monitor and circle through your active torrents’ details while still in a game!
Want to pause your torrents without leaving your favorite multiplayer game?
Want to monitor a torrent without leaving the main window of uTorrent open?
Want to pause/unpause a certain torrent only?




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This applet can be a wingman application for your favorite mediaplayer. By using it, you can see basic info and status of MediaPlayer Classic – Home Cinema on our keyboard’s LCD! Filename, player status (playing/stopped/paused), volume (%), current and total playing time of the opened video file are the info you can monitor through your keyboard’s LCD without getting out of a full-screen view.



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