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G15/G19 Smart Process




G15/G19 Smart Process is an always-will-be-free applet for the Logitech Gaming devices like keyboards, speakers and extended keypads that have a Monochrome (G15, G510, Z10, G13 etc) or a Color LCD Display (G19). Its mission is to inform the user on critical values of his/her system even during a multiplayer game or with the monitor closed! Which application eats my CPU’s raw power like a hog?
What is the speed of my copy-paste of files from one hard disk to another?
What is the temperature of my GPU during this “hungry” game?
How much RAM I have available?
What was the usage of my CPU during the day?
NEW !!! WebUI… View your sensors’ data through a browser!

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Internet Calculator V3


On-Screen-Display graph of internet speed with WAN IP
On-LCD graph of internet speed with WAN IP, NIC selected and Ping Latency of user-defined address
User-defined colours (ten separate colours) and custom transparency for both graphs
User-defined background image for the Color LCD output feature
Logging ability of daily usage (detailed or not)
Logitech’s Soft Buttons usability


Promo-G19 Applet

Promo-G15 Applet

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