Crimdon Coastal and Dene Walk

This walk took me 1:29 mins to complete stopping 6 mins for photos and burning 430 calories I walked 3.4 miles.

The walk is great for dogs and a popular place to come for many especially though the summer months. Plenty of wildlife, butterflies and a good place to see the very rare, Little Terns which normally return around May and fly back to South Africa in September.

The walk starts at Crimdon car park Blackhall Colliery, Hartlepool TS27 4DW plenty of car park spaces going all the way down and it is free!

This where we start to walk along the top of the cliffs towards Blackhall along the Caravan path with sweeping sea views.

Stunning scenery. It’s not a bad day for early march very bright and sunny this morning.

crimdon cliffs

A few information signs along this route showing you the coastal path and information on the wildlife like the rare Durham Argus butterfly.

Keep going past this sign that tells you about the coastal path.

Very clear this morning I can see all the way to Seaham from here.

Keep Walking along until you see a red and white sign for the emergency services and the walk down the steps to the beach.

The steps are quite steep so be careful not to trip or slip as you make your way down.

Caves and rockpools along that route to Blackhall and also sea glass can be found along that way.

Coastal erosion can be seen while walking along the route the waves are constantly reshaping the UK coastline.

Guess who’s favorite place this is! Toby absolutely loves it down here although he thinks every dog and human loves him also as he greets everyone like a cruise missile.

One of many ways down to the beach. Lots of dunes around this area to play my kids love it.

Since the pits have stopped a lot of the beaches around the North East have cleaned up quite nicely, they are by no means perfect but a lot better than what they used to be.

Its very sandy and not to bad at all for a day out with the kids in the warmer months.

Underneath is bathing quality for the area and it’s not to bad at all. The bathing water is sampled once a week during the bathing season, May to September.

Crimdon beach leads all the way down to Hartlepool.

Here is where I cross the stream you will also find the Little terns nesting area around here. In May they will put up wire fencing around the posts to protect them from humans and dogs as they nest on the ground.

After the stream crossing keep following along the small path and follow the stream it can get a bit boggy here.

Here you can see the posts of the nesting area for the Terns this is where the wire fence is put around the posts.

Some idiot destroying signs to be name famous. They have no self-respect for the area they live in the good things that are done and then destroyed by these individuals and these are the people that wonder why money is not pumped into the areas they live in.

Follow the path along until you come to the bridge this is where you will enter the Dene area. It’s not massive but it is good to go from sand to path into the wood.

Now follow this path along past the bridge it is pretty straight forward.

Following the beck along, you just know Toby wants to jump in!

The viaduct over Crimdon Dene was built in 1905 to carry the North Eastern Railway. The viaduct is located close to the mouth of Crimdon Dene, by Crimdon Dene Beach, and just over half a mile north-west of the outskirts of Hartlepool. The viaduct can be seen from the A1086 Coast Road, which also crosses the Dene.

Every time I see these viaducts they amaze me how long did it take to build anyone know?

Spring is defiantly is the air with the daffodils blooming!

More Signage of the coastal walks.

Coming to an end now, under the viaduct and follow the path back to the car.


430 Calories burnt


All of my photos I took of the walk in a slideshow.



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Great walk along the top of the cliffs along the beach and through the dene

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