Companion Gift Guide

What gifts to give your companion here is a table of what they like or don’t like
Favorite  being the highest then Love and then Like

*Remember when gifting courting items they wont work if gifting to the same sex.

Companions also have levels of affection:

Lvl1 0-2000

Lvl2 2000-4000

Lvl3 4000-6000

Lvl4 6000-8000

Lvl5 8000-10000 (max)

Also remember when gifting I think of this as world of Warcraft green common blue rare and purple epic being the harder to get you will gain more affection off the higher ones. I wouldn’t gift any further than 2 under your affection level as there will be no gain, gifting higher level will increase the gain. Thats all you really need to know really.

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