Blackhall Rocks and Pond Walk

Walk starts at Blackhall Colliery Hartlepool TS27 4AT it is free to park here.

This walk took me around 1 hour to complete and is 2.75 miles long. I is fairly easy to walk around and I found it a very peaceful place apart from the occasional train.

The place is popular with dog walkers/walkers, fishermen and families.

This walk takes you in a circle along the top of the cliffs to a small a pond. I took a left at the bridge and walked adjacent with the railway. If you have a dog with poor call back I would leash it here, just until you get past the lines as it narrows further on.

Keep following the track down until you come to a fork this is where I took the middle path through the gate and headed straight on until you come to the cliff turning.

A few gate stiles to cross. As you can see Toby is waiting for me to go first just to make sure it is safe for him he is not daft this one.

Then a good walk along the top of the cliffs with some great sea and beach viewing. Here you can see where it got the nickname the rocks.

Plants include cowslip, thrift, common rock-rose, birds-eye primrose and bloody cranesbill.

A great place to take kids for some rock pooling and has some nice signage of what you may find along your journey.

You do not have to go down these steps but personally I think it just adds to the adventure of the walk, especially if you are doing the walk with younger children.

This is the route down to the beach and rocks if you fancy a bit rock pooling! I have fond memories of coming here as a child myself.

Not today, as I continue along the track at the top until it forces you to turn. Keep heading along the cliff top until it becomes a bank.

Here is where you start to head back towards the beginning of the route in a big loop and you should come to a pond.

This is where you should come to a lovely little pond. Seen a few bits of rubbish around it wish people would respect what they have on their doorstep.

Largest populations of toads in County Durham.

The area is also visited by hares, voles, foxes, stoats, weasels. 

Heading away from Blackhall pond through the gate and take a left and follow the track.

Plenty of birds include skylarks, birds include merlins, short-eared owls, stonechats, meadow pip, kestrel and numerous sea birds along this route.

Last part of the walk you cross this road and on to where the walk began. Time to get some local fish and chips.

The downside that I noticed of this walk was people are just leaving litter and dog poor everywhere, way above the normal averages lately. Granted I wrote this when coronavirus was active but its no excuse.

All it takes is a little time to bin it, be proud of your area!

340 Calories burnt


All of my photos I took of the walk in a slideshow.



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Blackhall Rock Walk   


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Enjoyable walk with a dog, great photo opportunities.

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