BeBop Neptune Tower Inflatable Water Slide Review

The water slide is for the ages of 3-10 years old so it has got a pretty good age range and my daughter and son are 8 and 11 so they are at the very top end. Best thing is they normally sell very well on the used market so you will always get rid of it as long as its in decent condition.

Time to get this bad boy up!

So what I have done is laid out some old sheets and decorating blankets then put the water slide onto these.

Tied the water slide blower entry point around tight so it does not come off the blower the first time I accidentally tied it a bit to loose and came off.

Also, you will need a large extension to plug in keeping it well away from the water, of course, a waterproof one for safety.



Then connect the water tubing to the end of the cannon and follow the rest of the tubing around the outside through the black velcro clips.



Follow it along until you need to go up then connect it to your hose pipe as the rest goes up to the top above the water slide as in the new picture.



Here you can see it goes up and along the velcro clips to the top just above the two slide positions.



Last thing tie the exhaust to stop air from releasing and untie when you want to the water slide to come down.



It can be used wet or dry although dry make sure your not to rough on it as it will give you a speed burn.

Couple of things I noticed the water tube was kinked on one side so wasn’t coming out as well as the other two also the bag you put it away with is a little on the small side with no zip just say managed to squeeze it in.

Kids love it lets hope we have a long hot summer and give it some proper testing. Check out the video we made!


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