Angry Birds Easter Hat/Bonnet

Easter parade time again this is my third attempt of making a hat. This time I thought I would go for something really simple and quick to make but effective.

Here is what I used to create the hat.



Childrens Easter Cowboy Hat Blue

I bought the blue hat so it would blend better with the feathers depending on what colour you would like the bird try to get the right hat colour to match.
Turquoise Craft Feathers

Two pack of these did it for me I took a wild guess at the amount from the internet as it did not say how many was in the pack guess I was just lucky. The only info it give was colour and size which was 5 cm.



School PVA Glue 300ml

This is what I used to stick the feather squirted a line of it then stuck the feather individually until covered
White Felt Sheet

For the eyes.
Black Felt Sheet

The eye brows and eye outline.
Red Felt Sheet

Tongue just cut into a smaller triangle.
Yellow Felt Sheet

I cut two triangles out and wrapped each end over with pipe cleaner inside using superglue here for a strong stick. This way the pipe cleaner give it a bit stability so you can open the mouth without it collapsing.
Super Glue

Used for the beak, eyes and pipe cleaner for a stronger stick.
Pipe Cleaners 2

Used for the edges of the beak for strength.



Angry Bird Eye Stencil

This I printed out to give me a rough idea on where to cut I stuck it to the black felt then cut around to help for dimension. I didn’t get it perfect myself but it help a lot as i’m not the most creative.


Angrybird eyes


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