LCD Mods, Extension, Hacks and Applets for the G15

  • G15Calc
A G15 Calculator why not?


  • LCDClipboard version 0.8.2 (updated 12/18)

LCDClipboard is a clipboard manager for the G15 Keyboard.


 Link to download

  • BF3 – ServerPing & Info Mini-App with ll.Project …

This app will display a Servers: Ping, Name, Map, GameType and a picture for G19 …
for G19

for G15


  • Total customizable applet. Ver 6.0

This applet allow you to customize everything… with more than one thousand of checks, lists, buttons… are you sure to want to get lost inside? 😉


Download page

  • Colour Control of EACH Key – Logitech G15 RGB MOD

With this mod or hack you can control the colour of every key

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