LCD Mods, Extension, Hacks and Applets for the G15

  • G15 Task Manager

Pretty much self explanatory show tasks ad kills tasks


  • lcdTwit – Twitter app for Logitech G-Series

It consists of two screens, a main screen and a priority screen which displays incoming tweets. The main screen shows a clock and the last 4 people who tweeted. The priority write screen pops up and takes over the display whenever a tweet comes in. You don’t need to be on the main screen for this to happen. If a tweet is being displayed on the screen and it contains a URL you can press any of the lcd buttons and it will attempt to open your default browser with the URL.


  • LCD Miscellany Version

LCD Miscellany is a tool allowing one to write scripts to display stuff on Logitech LCD displays. It currently supports both the 160 by 43 black and white displays and the 320 by 240 color displays. It communicates to both via Logitech’s SDK, and, when Logitech’s software isn’t running, can also communicate to the 160 by 43 displays on most devices directly. Can also draw icons to be displayed on the system tray and set the state of the backlight on G15 and G19 keyboards. It also supports dll plugins that add support for other LCD models.
Had a bit fun with this one designing my own applet.


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